Youth Beginner Classes - Ages 5½ to 11

  • Monday         4:00 - 4:45pm

  • Tuesday         4:50 - 5:35pm

  • Wednesday  4:00 - 4:45pm

  • Thursday      4:50 - 5:35pm

Karate is a form of self-defense, with the added benefit of helping students build self-esteem, self confidence, focus, and discipline. With this core development, students learn a "begin and persevere", "I can" attitude that they bring to all aspects of their life. Karate training helps students find their inner strength, peace, and focus; all of which helps them learn how to manage and/or avoid physical conflicts.

Karate training helps students become leaders with the self-confidence to say “NO” to potentially harmful peer pressure. Our young students become the leaders of their peer groups, not compliant followers, fearfully seeking acceptance.

Many children today are involved in numerous activities - multiple sports teams, multiple musical instruments, and the list goes on. The skills and conditioning that students gain through karate training enhance their academic and athletic achievements.  Our instructors recognize that every student is different, with special gifts to give and challenges to overcome. Our instructors take your child’s natural disposition and abilities into account and work with each students natural abilities, enhancing their strengths and working to shore up their weaknesses.You can be assured that at Mojo Dojo, your child will be encouraged to become their best self. 

Kids need rules, boundaries, limitations. Be we enforce these necessities with kind, assertive leadership exercised in a fun, high energy environment (so that kids are excited to be there.)

We've seen ultra-shy kids burst out of their shell. High energy, ADD and ADHD kids, learn how to control themselves. Socially awkward kids learn how to make and keep friends. 

Kids want to be seen, heard, and accepted. They want to participate, contribute, and feel safe. At Mojo Dojo, we want our students to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.


"My daughter has been coming to the Dojo since January 2015.  We are so grateful for finding Shihan, and have seen wonderful changes in our daughter since starting karate.  Shihan, as well as the other instructors are so patient and understanding of all the kids they work with.  They run a structured environment that is combined with tons of fun!  My daughter is low muscle tone and we have seen a big difference in her core strength.  We have also noticed a difference in her focus.  She is extremely motivated to progress to the next level and she is setting goals for herself for the first time!  We cannot say enough wonderful things about Mojo Dojo.  We are so happy to have found this gem in Tam Valley." -DM    

"Our family first set foot in the dojo two-and-a-half years ago when my son, Max, had just turned 7 and my daughter, Melina, was almost 9.  Max's interest in martial arts had been sparked by Kung Fu Panda and so why not give it a try?  We enrolled Melina as well, although I did not expect her interest to hold.  At the beginning of the introductory session, both children were somewhat intimidated by Shihan, who has a rather imposing presence.  He immediately approached the kids and kneeled on the floor so that he was at eye-level with them as he spoke. That moment has continued to characterize our experience with Mojo Dojo.  Shihan commands the respect of his students, and treats each of his students with respect as well.  My daughter has blossomed under Shihan's tutelage.  She has earned her black belt and has become much more confident as a result of karate.  Both children also love helping teach Little Mojos, which has also developed their leadership skills and self-confidence." -RVS