About Mojo Dojo Karate

Our Student Creed

We are developing ourselves in a positive manner,
avoiding anything that reduces our mental growth or our physical health.

We are developing self-discipline,
bringing out the best in ourselves and others.

We are using what we learn in class constructively and defensively,
helping ourselves and our fellow human beings, and never being abusive or offensive.

We are becoming our best selves!


At Mojo Dojo Karate in Mill Valley, one of the first things the students learn is the Student Creed. Parents and students come to understand and apply this creed to all parts of their lives, not just in their karate training.  Karate training is not just about self-defense, but about character development, building of self-esteem and self-confidence, which all contribute to the joy and happiness we experience in our lives. One's level of self-esteem and self-worth greatly impacts the way we show up in the world, in our roles as children, students, parents, teachers, co-workers, etc.

Many children today are involved in numerous activities, multiple sports teams, multiple musical instruments, and the list goes on. As parents, we try to support our children in finding their passion, what it is they enjoy doing, knowing what they don't enjoy and supporting them in learning the skills needed to be happy and confident as they grow older.
Karate is a form of self-defense, but the focus with our younger students centers on building self-esteem, self confidence and leadership skills that are transferable to all aspects of their lives.

With this core development, students learn to approach life with a "begin and persevere" attitude, knowing that all things are possible, even avoiding physical conflicts, while maintaining high self-esteem.
Karate training, with its discipline and continuous striving for perfection, is an excellent foundation that supports ALL activities.

As an adult, you may be looking for ways to improve your health, physical conditioning, diet, self-confidence, self-esteem, stress and/or anger management.

Parents of my younger students have also found their own desire to begin training. At first it may have been to support their child's interest in karate, then developed into something they did for themselves as well.

Too old to start? One of our black belts attained the level of 5th degree master, after starting his karate training at the age of 55.

Begin and Persevere!


Shihan James Henry, MBA
Owner & Master Instructor

Shihan James Henry is a Master Instructor of Beikoku Wado-ryu, a Japanese style of karate. He has had a passion for teaching karate for over 45 years and has earned the rank of Judan, 10th degree black belt.

He earned his 1st degree black belt at the age of 14 when karate training was still considered more of an adult discipline. Prior to karate training, he was considered shy and quiet. After he started training, his teachers noticed a new confidence level, higher self-esteem and developments in his social interactions. As a young black belt, he managed and led classes of adults with a maturity level that gained him the respect of his older students.

As a competitor, he was ranked in the top 10 of the Northeast region, competing in both kata and kumite (forms and sparring), winning over 300 trophies. Tournament competition was a large part of his early black belt days and he developed a reputation as a strong competitor and was highly respected for his sportsmanship and conduct, win or lose.

His participation in the 2010 USA Open Karate Championship and USA Karate Junior Olympics, held in Las Vegas, NV, earned him bronze medals in kata.

His father, the late Shihan Isaac Henry Jr., was founder and 10th Degree Grandmaster of Beikoku Wado-ryu, the form of karate taught by Shihan James. Beikoku translates to "American", Wado-ryu means "The Way of Peace and Harmony" and Shihan means Grandmaster. His brother, Shihan Fred, also earned the rank of Judan, 10th degree black belt, and is the Chief Instructor at The Headquarters Dojo for Beikoku Karate-do Goyukai (BKG), located in Long Branch, NJ. Their mother, Shihan Katsuko Suzuki Henry (aka Mrs Shihan), can be found still assisting in classes at HQ dojo.

Although karate is a demanding discipline which requires and develops a great deal of discipline, he understands that each student learns differently, and are sometimes challenged by attention deficit or just youthful distraction. His own difficulty in learning the early basics caused him to stop training for a brief period, but now this personal experience serves as a reminder to have patience with his students. He loves teaching karate and the relationship that is built between he and his students, and many of the parents, is a testament to the level of attention given to his student's growth. His students have fun learning and he has fun teaching.

After gaining experience in sales, account and team management, he retired from corporate America after nearly 30 years in the telecommunications industry. His degrees in Drafting & Design Technology, Business Administration and Telecommunications Management, have all helped him to appreciate various aspects of business and the people that make it work. Earning his MBA after nearly 13 years of being away from the classroom gave him confidence and reminded him that it’s never too late to pursue a goal.

Shihan James had hung up his belt for several years while pursuing his career in the corporate world. Conversations with an elder friend, now deceased, made it clear that teaching karate was his passion and the friend didn’t understand why Shihan James was not teaching. Shihan James attended the memorial service of another friend and was struck by the number of people, both kids and adults, that were impacted by the work of his friend. It became clear that he could make a much greater contribution teaching karate than working in the corporate world. Karate was in his blood, and teaching it is his calling. As a result he returned to teaching karate in 2000 and loves what he does.


Linda Anderson Henry, MBA
Owner & Member Support

Shihan’s wife, Linda Anderson Henry, is co-owner of Mojo Dojo Karate and has had her own business, Prosperity Circles, for over 30 years. She leads business advisory groups designed to help business owners and solopreneurs build a profitable business that makes a difference...and have a life!  It was through his work with Linda that Shihan’s dream of having his own dojo was re-kindled and continues to be realized.

Linda is the first person you'll likely meet at Mojo Dojo Karate.  She will answer questions, help new students get enrolled, manage billing, payments and renewals and social media. She has her finger on the pulse, listening to your needs as students and/or families of students. Linda welcomes your questions and suggestions for improvement and also loves to hear how karate training is impacting your life or your loved ones.

She will continue to foster a welcoming, diverse, family-centered community where students learn and grow in a positive, well-disciplined atmosphere that encourages them to become their best self.


Sempai Adam Korn

Adam Korn, a fifth degree black belt in the Shotokan style of karate, has been practicing since his seventh birthday.  His initial inspiration was "The Karate Kid." With the support of his parents, he found a home with Sensei Masakazu Takahashi and the Takahashi Karate Dojo community in Mt. Kisco and Amityville, New York.  It was there that Adam would establish the foundation for what would become--before he met his wife Jenny--his life's passion.

Shihan and the members of Mojo Dojo Karate family welcomed Adam into the dojo community in 2014, providing him with a supportive venue for sharing with students his gifts as an instructor and love of martial arts.   Adam earned his first degree black belt in our Beikoku Wado-ryu style and is also availing himself of the Mojo Dojo incubator for greater learning by studying the Japanese art of Aikido with Senseis Jason Yim and Rob Okun, whose own school, Mill Valley Aikido, is housed at Mojo Dojo.

Mr. Adam leads the Little Mojo Pre-K class, our Black Belt Club weapons class and assists with the beginner, intermediate, advanced and teen/adult classes at Mojo Dojo and the Pre-K class at Marin Horizon School, also in Mill Valley.

Mr. Adam and Jenny are busy parents with their daughter Maya :)