Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to better serve you and effectively answer some of the commonly asked questions, we have compiled a list of answers for your convenience. We hope you will find this information useful. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, please let one of us know, as we are more than happy to address your concerns in person.  

Are there any hidden costs or additional fees?

We have month to month or 6-month tuition plans. There are no enrollment fees and belt testing fees are included in monthly tuition through 3rd kyu brown belt. There is a testing fee for 2nd and 1st kyu brown belt and black belt testings.  For more advanced students, we offer sparring and weapons training and there is an equipment fee for that. T-shirts are also available for purchase.

What should I wear/bring to my introductory class?

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing; something you can move easily in. Students are barefoot on the floor.

My child is experiencing bullying. Will karate help?

While there are many approaches to the problem of bullying, karate training is one of the best ways for children to develop the confidence and skills needed to proactively deter bullying and/or respond to bullies. Through karate training, children connect with their “mojo,” a sense of presence and personal power that emanates from within. The more confident they become, the easier it is to prevent a situation from becoming physical simply by how they carry themselves. If, as a last resort, bullying becomes physical, children learn how to defend themselves in a variety of situations.

My child has a lot of energy. Does karate make children more aggressive?  

Karate provides students with a positive, controlled way to positively channel energy that might otherwise be expressed in an aggressive manner. Many karate programs focus on teaching karate as a sport or self defense. At Mojo Dojo Karate, students learn self-defense skills, however, our focus is on building self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem and leadership skills. Our instructors demonstrate a lot of patience in dealing with some very hyper children and at the same time teach them a lot of self discipline. The more confident and self-assured students become, the less they tend to act out in aggressive ways.

Can we try it before we sign up?

We offer a free introductory class. The next step is to enroll in our 4-week introductory trial program for $129, including a free uniform. The trial program provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of karate, the vibe of the dojo, and to see if it’s a fit. Karate training is a vehicle for students to learn life lessons, challenge limiting beliefs, set short and long term goals, and step into leadership. It is a life changing journey, so it's important that our values are congruent before we begin that life changing journey together. After the 4-week trial, we will show you our different program options, payment options, and attendance options  and look together at what option works best for you.

How often do we need to come to class and when are classes?

We encourage students to train twice per week. However, we have students who are successful in our program who only train one day a week. We also have students who love classes so much that the dojo becomes like a second home to them!

I have an injury and/or learning disability.

Many students have injuries or unique physical challenges, or learning disabilities.  It’s important to let us know ahead of time if that is the case for you or your child. Our instructors are happy to work with you to adapt requirements to fit your circumstances.

My child is painfully shy.

We’ve had many students who have been extremely shy when they first start training.  Karate is so good for their self-confidence and self-esteem that it isn’t long before you see them begin to blossom. We had one child whose mother joined her on the training floor for a month because her daughter was so shy. She went on and became very confident and expressive over a very short period of time.

Introductory Class - What to Expect

When you arrive, you'll need to fill out a short enrollment application form that will ask what your interests are in beginning karate training and how you learned about MOJO DOJO KARATE. 

You can also fill-out and print it from this -> PDF and bring it with you.

Will my child get hurt? Is it safe?

Safety is always our number one priority. We see very few injuries in our classes. On the other hand, we occasionally get calls from parents that their child can't come to class because they hurt themselves in a different activity (baseball, softball, football, etc).

I haven’t been active for years. Do I need to do anything before enrolling?

We suggest maintaining an active lifestyle, however, if you haven’t exercised in years, our beginner classes are perfect for you. Our beginner classes focus on teaching the basic foundations of karate, as well as on building basic physical endurance, strength, and flexibility. You will be surprised by how quickly you will feel stronger, more toned, and more flexible. In the process, you’ll find it is a great way to get centered and reduce stress.