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Shihan’s wife, Linda Anderson Henry, is co-owner of Mojo Dojo Karate and has had her own business, Prosperity Circles, for over 30 years. She leads business advisory groups designed to help business owners and solopreneurs build a profitable business that makes a difference...and have a life!  It was through his work with Linda that Shihan’s dream of having his own dojo was re-kindled and continues to be realized.

Until recently, the first person you likely met at Mojo Dojo Karate was Linda. Our Member Support Team has now expanded to include Alexandra Wilson, our awesome new Front Desk Assistant.

Linda has an exciting new opportunity that she’ll be pursuing.  She is partnering with Vistage International, a worldwide executive and small business development organization, to develop a private business advisory group for non-competing business owners in Marin. Her vision is that it will be a conscious, diverse group of business owners who are doing good work in the world.

She will continue to keep her finger on the pulse, provide a guiding hand in Member Support and in continuing to foster a welcoming, diverse, family-centered community where students learn and grow in a positive, well-disciplined atmosphere that encourages them to become their best self.

Linda Anderson Henry, MBA
Owner & Member Support

Where you become

your best self